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Business Ethos and Vision

Material sources- all the products at I Craft Eco wares are made from 100 % biodegradable materials such as Jute, cotton and wood. Our goal is to “Create for Creators” ” from the nature for the nature “. We strongly advocate for the empowerment of Indigenous Indian craftsmen 

Crafts are a powerful tool to create a significant impact on the lives of women and young generation who are engaged in crafts work. This initiative envisages to provide employment to women and the young generation who largely migrate to bigger cities in search of jobs. As the skill level for jobs they find in larger cities is not enough , they end up doing lower level chores. The only issue is they do not have platform to sell. I craftecowares would like to create a selling  window  for skilled Craftsmen and Artisan.

Customer Value preposition

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Jute Products 

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